Thursday, September 2, 2010

Perfectionism - good bye

Wow, I just read my post and I found so many typos.....I wanted to delete it but I do not have time to rewrite it now.

I hate to have mistakes in my writing - but I am writing....that was my goal.....for 20 years I have been locked up - yep, 20 years of trying to be perfect. What a waste of time.

So, I am double dog daring myself to write from my heart, not to deliver perfection but a glimpse of who I truly am.

I always wished my Mom and Dad had left me a log of some of their thoughts. I never wanted every sentence prose perfect but just a glimpse into their hearts.

So friends and DP - I'd like to tell you that I intentionally made all those typos in my Labor for Labor Day post, but we all know better.....I don't think I am going to correct my mistakes - because we all know that I am not perfect. Wow, what a wise thought....maybe I will motivate some of you to lean out of your perfection too. It's really hard though and not for the weak of heart....I still want to correct those errors, what would Mrs. Clow, my English teacher say.....I'm too old to even remember what she'd say. :)

Some of the typos are especially funny - especially, you probably have a mother that loves ME too. Was that Freudian, nope just an error.

I hope you can laugh with me as I laugh at myself...I even crack myself up sometimes.....I am getting old. :)

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