Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Brighten The Corner Where You Are

I've loved singing since I was a child. I grew up going to Sunday School with the "ideal" teacher, Clara. She loved everything we said and did, well almost everything. (Sidenote: I remember when she had to talk to my Mom because another little girl could no longer attend SS because of my influence.) Truth be known, I was a closet playdough and white paste eater. Now for some of you, you may be thinking, now that explains everything.

She taught me many songs with her autoharp. It is amazing the things we store in our minds and our recall. A lot of those simple songs have come back to me as an adult. Simple songs, big messages. The songs I especially remember have to do with light, "I'll Be A Sunbeam," "Brighten The Corner Where You Are," "This Little Light of Mine," to name a few.

Everyday I do not go out my door thinking warm "sunny" thoughts but I am trying to be more intentional with my thoughts and actions. As I have sung the lyrics to myself, it has made me aware of the many people I meet each day, that I have the option what I want to reflect.

For me, it all comes from the spiritual source in my life, God. I do not want to legislate my beliefs or criticize anyone for theirs. I just want to live out a life that is consistent with what I believe.

Today I choose to "brighten the corner where I am," how about you? I

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